Watercolors for a Cause

For Kinya with Love (SOLD)

For Kinya with Love (SOLD)

Since 2008, I have contributed over $8,000 from sales of my original watercolors to help two children living in poverty in Kenya, Africa. My contributions paid for Jackline and Kinya to attend boarding schools. We purchased an acre of land and materials to build a home when Kinya’s family became homeless.

I’ve grown to know Jackline and Kinya through letters we’ve exchanged since 2003. On a trip to Kenya in 2010, I had the great fortune to meet both of them and their families. I visited Kinya’s new home and witnessed her family’s struggles. We celebrated their triumphs together, too!

Jackline graduated in December 2012, fulfilling her dreams. She studied hard to gain her high school education, an extremely rare accomplishment in the slum where she grew up in Nairobi.

Kinya graduated from elementary school in December 2013 and is continuing her studies. She hopes to graduate high school in December 2017.

You can help me continue to help Kinya reach her goals by purchasing a studio painting and supporting my watercolors for a cause!

On the road to Kinya's

On the road to Kinya’s

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