About Wine & Watercolor

Wine & Watercolor are paint and sip events created to share Marcia’s love of watercolors in a fun, relaxed, social environment. The goal of each session is for players to experience the joy of watercolors, gain skills and knowledge, and leave with a finished painting.

Wine & Watercolor are not paint-by-number sessions. Marcia offers individual guidance and step-by-step demonstrations while describing watercolor techniques and painting essentials.

“I have loved every one of my wine & watercolor sessions. It is relaxing and I feel like we are encouraged to express ourselves and our individuality through our paintings. I always leave with my own masterpiece and a sense of accomplishment.”  Trudy Hoffman

“Today, another wonderful watercolor session! I took the first one as a curiosity and didn’t expect to enjoy so much and today was my fifth!! Marcia is an excellent teacher that guides us step-by-step and also transmits her love of painting through her work. Thank you and count me in for more sessions.”  Marisabel Nicoletti

“The evening was really fun. The [French & Music] house is a great environment. You really helped me get the right paint consistency and my painting had very vibrant color after one wash. Also the way that you talked about pulling paint made me work a little differently . . . It is truly the first time that I have held highlights in a flower. Love what you are doing.”  Lorraine Elmore

“We had the best time ever. Can’t wait until the next one to do it again!!!”  Tina Beer

“I attended a wine and watercolors session in November. Unlike other sip and paint classes I have attended, the instructor was very knowledgeable and really went out of her way to help each person leave with a better understanding of the medium. I’d highly recommend this class to people looking to learn about watercolor. Novices and artists alike will feel comfortable.”  Darcy Goeken

“I thoroughly enjoyed the first session. Marcia is a gifted artist and instructor.” Carina Miguez

Painting Supplies
All necessary painting supplies are provided to complete each session: high quality watercolor paper (typically 9″ x 12″), professional watercolor pigments, brushes, easels, substrates, palettes, pencils, erasers, water containers, paper towels, masking tape and other materials as needed for the selected painting. Each participant leaves the session with a finished watercolor painting.

Painting Selection
Wine & Watercolor offers a selection of paintings for you to choose for your party. All players create the same painting during a session.

Step-by-Step instruction and individual attention is provided. The instructor demonstrates each step first, showing brush strokes, paint consistency, and watercolor techniques required to create desired effects. If requested a sessions will start with a discussion about the watercolor techniques to be applied and artistic qualities to be gained in the selected painting.

Paintings usually require the two hours to complete, sometimes a little longer depending on the progress of players.

Cancellation, Refund & Transfer Policy

  • Cancellations received 5 days in advance of a session may receive a refund less a $15.00 processing fee or reservation may be transferred to a future event.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than five days prior.
  • In the event a Wine & Watercolor session is cancelled for any reason, fees will be refunded 100% or reservation may be transferred to a future event, at the discretion of reserved patron.

Privacy Policy
Wine & Watercolor will NOT share your email or other personal information with another person or business. When you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive occasional information about Wine & Watercolor and paintings by Marcia Willman. You may “unsubscribe” at any time by pressing “unsubscribe” at the bottom of a correspondence.